Tagging Frequently

One of the most interesting possibilities with analytics is what I discovered in my first job, working with the RFID team. While we were discussing RFID tags, the way they store data, and the nature of the data stored, we were also discussing the umpteen CVM and Loyalty possibilities opening up in retail. The next idea that came about was RFIDs and Cars and tagging for payments, tolls etc. And before we could even blink our eye, we were talking about theft prevention using RFID. I am sure its a topic beaten to death by now (we were having this discusion in the september of 2003!)

However, RFID and theft prevention is basic. Its easy to track vehicles based on their tag. But based on RFID tags and the data stored on that, lets see what the possibilities are –

1. Theft Forecast – based on users/ forecast zones/ theft trends/ etc.
2. Traffic Forecast – optimize the flow of traffic to key destinations by dynamically managing the routes.
3. Car designs by user segments…

and I am just warming up! 🙂


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